Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I am so busy getting ready for school now you'd think I have to teach a class (I don't). Although I did think of having a little knitting camp where people could drop by my yard sale some Saturday and learn to knit, perhaps give donations if they wish. Hey, if I was any good at reading palms I'd be out there on the corner trying to hustle some extra cash.

There's two orientations for yours truly, Madame Chairperson, to attend, numerous setting up/registration/ice cream social days at Isa's new school, various dramas growing like mold in the humid August sunshine, a school in shambles to be reassembled, and one little boy who cannot be persuaded to stay out of the litter box.

I'm going through a super creative spurt right now. I think that's what's at the root of startitis, usually. I'm trying not to cast on so many projects I can't remember what I was doing, but I think a variety helps keep your hands and your mind from getting bored. If you have several projects to choose from, no one thing can piss you off too much. I go through finishing moods, too, when I want to clear my needles, so to speak, but sometimes, if you have a really great idea, you have to start so you don't lose it, or so you can see if it will look the way it does in your imagination, or just to get it out there. If I have too many ideas running around inside my head but none getting out, I get a little frantic.

And nobody wants that. Believe me.
Alternatively, believe Brea. She's been there.

So what's burning through my skull lately?
A pair of socks in a pretty purpley mishmashed cotton. Not quite to the heel on the second sock, since the feet are in 2x2 ribbing as well as the leg, but I don't think they'll ever end.
A pair of socks for Isabel.
A yellow boucle sweater for Isabel that I'm sort of making up as I go along.
The Cabana Sweater from IK, in stash baby-blue cotton.
The kimono-thingy sweater from the same, in bluey Hokey Pokey.

And that's just what I've started so far...

Monday, August 04, 2003

Isabel's home! One of her birthday "surprises" was getting her own room while she was away. I painted her bed, dresser, and bookcase, moved all her clothes, etc. She feels very grown-up now, it seems. She also got her own library card today. It's not quite done-there are some finishing touches to be finessed-but when I'm done I'll post the before-and-afters. I'm knitting her a stuffed-animal hammock. Remember those? It's very, very dull but hopefully it will be practical and not a device to bring the ceiling down.

I seriously scored on Friday. We held a garage sale and a woman tipped me off to an estate sale nearby, where I bought a heaping armful of yarns, most handspun, in a delicious array of colors. For five bucks. All of it. Five bucks. I seriously considered bartering one of the kids for the $1800 spinning wheel, but thought better of it. (Then I'd have to build a stash of fleece, I'm already running out of room...)

A moment of maybe not Zen, but at least joy.