Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I have recently been told that the last piece I finished (from Grammy's stash) is going to my sister-in-law, she of wedding infamy. Apparently my mother-in-law has gotten even more pleasingly plump since her mother's passing.

So, it seems, I am an unpaid seamstress for my ungrateful sister-in-law. Pooh. The things I do for family harmony. (Love ya, Pman. Thanks and mwah! I kiss you.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

New kitty new kitty NEW KITTY! Yes, we have a new cat. His name is Chaucer. My parents have apparently never heard of him and call the cat Saucer. He is a fluffy black longhair, a real Halloween kitty, and he is a real love! I wish the Dumb Friends League sold cars. I made a ghostie hat for Teddy-he loves to say "Booooooo!" Halloween in Denver is traditionally colder than a witch's...reception at the Junior League. So every year I try to talk one of my kids into dressing up as the Stay-Puft man. No dice.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Knitting slump. I'm still knitting, of course, just not enjoying any of my projects much. I finally finished a dinosaur hat for Alice's costume, actually the dragon hat from Little Beaver sans tail. What a bitch to knit. Frankly, finding all the errors in the pattern was the tough part. I'm also doing a pair of double-stranded mittens with the estate-sale homespun, but since it was about 85 degrees yesterday, I just can't get excited over them.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Don't let anyone tell you I don't know how to have fun. We are making "leftolas" as we speak-you know, broken old stubbly crayons, stripped of their paper coverings and melted in muffin tins. These girls just want to have fun.

Alice's sweater is done, excepting a few more ends to weave in, and she loves it. It is a bit on the busy side, but it's just bright stripes, it's not like I knit the alphabet round her arms, all in different colors. Definitely not in the league of some of the things encountered at Stitches, I gather. Anyway, she likes it and it suits her, and so what more could one ask for? Couture? I think not.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

There's no real reason to shower before going to pick up the carpool, right? It's not like I'm dating anyone.

Tee-hee. Thank goodness for one day where practically no one wishes they lived in California. I would not have voted for him regardless of how touchy-feely he is. He's a Republican. I don't vote Republican. I'm "independent," but generally the opposing Democrat would have to be dead and on fire, waving a shotgun from the coffin before I'd consider it. Not that my liberal leanings make any difference in my flag-wavin', gun-totin', bronco-bustin' home state of Colorado, where the hicks come for book-learnin'. (Not to offend anyone from our more rural states, but most Nebraskans I've met seem proud of being reactionary. Probably I run with a bad crowd.) Although, next to Wayne "Jobs Not Owls" Allard, Ben "Traitor" Nighthorse Campbell and Governor Bill "What? Where Am I?" Owens, can Arnold be that bad?

Maria Shriver scares me more each day. She used to be so pretty, but now her face looks like a sphincter. You know what they say, after 40 you get the face you made for yourself.

Nearly done with Alice's striped sweater. I will probably never sew a sleeve into a child's sweater again. I need to finish, finish, finish, so I can have my house back!

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

There is something distinctly weird about finishing a knitting project someone else began. I'm not morbid, but knitting on the sweater a dead person started is hard. Who was it for? What row was she on? And how exactly was she weaving in those ends? It took me three days to finish two inches of a layette blanket in a very simple pattern (from a 1968 pattern, no less) just because I couldn't seem to get the rhythm of it. I kept making mistakes and ending up with the wrong stitch count, mistakes I don't think I would have made if I had begun the blanket myself. I don't think I could keep any of the sweaters even if I wanted to, because obviously they were not meant for me. (Some cute little hats, they are a different story, because they are already finished, and would have been put to use if anyone had wanted them. Yummy!) I don't consider myself a selfish person or knitter; the things I've made and given away vastly outnumber the things I've kept for myself. But being on the receiving end of a knitting inheritance, if you will, brings up interesting points of knitter's etiquette.

I would love to give you pictures, and I will once Tom gets his digicam back from Jill. (Those single folk, so irresponsible, I swear!) It's such a luxury, though, I can hardly moan about not having my own.

Today is the day I meet my reading volunteer partner. Wish me luck! I specially requested a 7th/8th grader since they are supposedly hard to match and I am comfortable with kids that age, anyway. Besides, I do enough reading to kids at home. I'll be glad to help a kid who can already read, if poorly.

B: Was that guy at the bar (Ken?) the creepiest or what? He set off every Freak Alarm I have, no insignificant feat. Do not let Rose anywhere near him. Get a restraining order if you have to.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Let There Be Links! 

A triumphant, relieved, round of applause to the Pman, who FIXED IT! (Maybe it was the comment about the shoemaker...thanks, baby.)

My mother-in-law gave me six boxes of yarn and works-in-progress left when Pman's Grammy died. I was sort of shell-shocked on Sunday, torn between the desire to throw handfuls of angora up in the air and run through it, and the awe-inspiring responsibility of being the person to whom my mother-in-law relinquished another little bit of her late mother. So before I really dive into the yarn, my mission is to finish the projects left undone and surprise MB (Mother-in-law) with them. I'm aiming for tears on this one.